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Elizabeth uses the remote techniques of Pangu Shengong (Pangu Mystical Qigong), Reiki (Usui, Jikiden, and Lightarian (R)), Tong Ren, and ThetaHealing (R) to clear, balance, and fortify the life force energy of her clients.

She also empowers her clients to unblock, strengthen, and maintain their own life force with remote and in-office qigong classes.

In addition, Elizabeth advises her clients on the appropriate therapeutic-grade essential oils, hydration, and energy therapies to incorporate into their daily routines to assist in achieving and maintaining an optimal state of wellness. 

Elizabeth is constantly learning and seeking the greatest path to wellness for her clients. Recently Elizabeth completed certification training in and purchased license to use the NES Health Bioenergetix WellNES System (R), which uses remote voice scan to assess the health of the human body-field and provides wellness solutions in the form of infoceuticals, or structured water imprinted with corrective information. Contact Elizabeth today to receive your complimentary account, scan, assessment, and recommendations! 

Here’s what a long-time client had to say about this latest addition to Elizabeth’s healing toolkit:

“Elizabeth has done it again! She found another remarkable way to heal people. I started the Infoceutical energized water about a month ago and I saw astonishing results in this short time period. I am three months postpartum and have struggled with a lot of health issues during and after pregnancy. I had hyperemesis throughout the whole nine months, and my digestive tract was a disaster. It took a huge toll on my stomach to be sick every day for the nine months. Shortly after taking these energized waters I started feeling more like myself and was able to eat a variety of foods without getting pains or feeling the dreaded nausea. My mood was all over the place being postpartum. I have to say this was the first issue I saw greatly change instantly. I was so sleep deprived, and my emotions were running very high. I would be extremely irritable and not want to speak to anyone. It was a complete 180. I was able to have loving conversations with my husband as well as other close family members without having mood swings. Another “lovely issue” I had while pregnant that wouldn’t go away postpartum was horrible acne all over my body. I tried everything to get rid of it. It was extremely painful to boot. Maybe after two weeks of taking these energy waters I started seeing the inflammation go down, and now that I’ve been on them for a little over a month I’m so thrilled to say it’s almost cleared up! So I 100 percent stand behind this form of healing!!”

- B.P. 


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