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Classes, Sessions, Consultations

Classes in Pangu Shengong:   Moving Form    Non-Moving Form
Remote Wellness Sessions:   Remote Energy Transmission using the Healing Form of Pangu Shengong

Consultations: Learn how to use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (R) doTerra essential oils and related products  Learn how to use Wayback Water 

Services: Services


Learn the first level of a special daily qigong practice developed by Qigong Grand Master Ou Wen Wei. This basic class works with your life force energy to benefit your physical body and support strong immune function. Elizabeth has been practicing this form since 2000 and has been teaching it since 2002.


Learn the second of the three levels of the Pangu Shengong daily self-practice. It focuses the energy to the mental and emotional states and resonates with cognitive ability and sensory perception. Elizabeth has been practicing this form since 2002 and has been teaching it since 2004. The prerequisite for this class is one month of daily, dedicated Pangu Moving Form practice.


Relax in your own space and receive the benefits of a remote energy transmission, which clears, harmonizes, and fortifies your life force energy system. Elizabeth has been attuned to the highest frequencies of the Usui and Lightarian vibrations of Reiki, the Shoden and Okuden levels of Jikiden Reiki, and the highest available levels of the Pangu Shengong vibration. These attunements have amplified Elizabeth's natural intuitive empathic sensitivity, allowing her to feel the quality of the client's life force energy and offer feedback after each session. Her formal training in Chinese Medicine, knowledge of the chakra system, and 20 years of clinical experience can lend meaning and interpretation to her intuitive senses in working remotely with the client's energy field. Elizabeth uses Tong Ren, the remote aspect of the Tam Healing System, and ThetaHealing (R) to supplement the Pangu/Reiki session when indicated.


Learn how to support and maintain wellness with the purest, most potent essential oils from the world leader, doTerra International. Let the natural power and healing wisdom of the plant kingdom assist you in achieving optimal well-being. Elizabeth is an Independent Consultant and Wellness Advocate with doTerra and has been using the oils and related products every day since 2015. In addition, she is enrolled in Aromahead Institute's Aromatherapy Certification Program. Use the link to her consultant site above to learn more and purchase product.


Learn all about how to incorporate Wayback Water into your daily wellness routine to help you achieve superior hydration. This water was developed by a brilliant astrophysicist named Dan Nelson. Elizabeth has been studying and drinking Wayback Water since July of 2019. She was so impressed with the changes she experienced that she immediately studied and incorporated the related HyperPhysics Research Solid State Technology into her energy healing practice. This technique, also developed by Dan Nelson, uses quantum physics and functional geometry to clear blockages in the energy field. Elizabeth's clients have been quite impressed with these complementary offerings.

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