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Thank you to all of my amazing clients!

“This has been a life changing experience. At the time I started the Infoceutical Energized Water Drops I was struggling with exhaustion, feeling of overwhelm and unable to focus. I had two different protocols of the drops, one for the morning and one for the afternoon. Some worked on core issues and others were more in line with emotional wellbeing. I noticed changes in my ability to focus and I started getting my motivation back. These drops have healed some of my past problems and are getting to the root. I have heard this analogy before that we are like an onion and we have so many layers that we put on throughout the years. With holistic medicine it helps peel away the layers so that we no longer suffer from these issues in the future. These drops have completely started to peel away my  layers. As always Elizabeth is amazing and always seeking new ways and opportunities to help others. Thanks to Elizabeth I have been working on my wellbeing for years and this is another technique to help me through my journey of healing.”

- C.N. 


“Elizabeth Medaglia is an amazing natural born healer. She is so kind and is always thinking of others and how she can help them with her knowledge and skills. She changed my life with her amazing talent. I was recommended to see Elizabeth by one of my mother’s co-workers and I am beyond thankful for her recommendation. I don’t know where I would be today if we never crossed paths. I was an incredibly ill child when I met her 17 years ago. I was unable to do many daily tasks and was mostly bed bound. I was told by many medical professionals that I would struggle like this the rest of my life. After hearing that grim prognosis my mother and I were seeking other options and I’m so glad we did, because we found this amazing woman. After seeing Elizabeth for many months I was able to regain my strength, positivity and childlike behavior to go out into the world and do simple things that other children were doing. I remember the pivotal moment in my life that was being able to go outside and play soccer with my neighbors. It was such a simple thing, but that lead to many more leaps and bounds in health and Elizabeth was by my side helping me achieve them. Being her client was completely life changing and I give her all the credit due to her magnificent skills set with energy work, acupuncture, and many more alternative healing practices that she had IMMERSED herself in. She was such a positive role model in my life that I wanted to follow suit. So I went to the same school she went to for acupuncture. I’m constantly striving to be like her so that one day I can help so many people the way she helped me!”

- B.N.


“Elizabeth’s husband, a former customer of mine,  suggested I reach out to her as he felt we were kindred souls. When I met Elizabeth I immediately felt her calm, loving, compassionate spirit. As I lay on the table for my energy healing sessions, Elizabeth made me feel supported, understood, and comfortable. After each session I felt lighter, clearer and happier. I highly recommend Elizabeth for energy healing, essential oils, and the other modalities in which she is well-trained. I am grateful her husband suggested we meet!” 

- D.C.


“Elizabeth Medaglia has done so much good for me and for my family. Her crystal energy healing work and her powerful wielding of essential oils was instrumental in helping to rebalance and heal me after a traumatic period in my life. Her knowledge of essential oils also helped my son shift his fear of monsters and has kept us healthy, happy, and uplifted even in the most stressful of times. When we needed our new home energetically cleansed, Elizabeth did a fantastic job, and even my usually highly-skeptical husband (un-prompted) volunteered that the “house felt much better.” Finally, I turned to Elizabeth to teach me Pangu Shengong to help me heal myself whenever I need it. Overall, I can’t thank Elizabeth enough for her help, counsel and love.”

- L.D.-R.


“Time and time again you have helped pull my family out of so much pain, sickness, and struggling times. You are such a gift to this world and my family, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for infinity. You are such a thoughtful, kind, selfless person, and the acts I’ve seen you do for people makes you an angel in my eyes. Thank you again so much for what you do for me and my family.”

- C.N.


“I admit I was skeptical. . . but Elizabeth’s passion for and knowledge of Health and Well Being practices is boundless and vast and, more importantly, her desire to help others is genuine and sincere so. . . I opened my mind and heart to her. And I’m happy I did! She has introduced me to the benefits of essential oils, Wayback Water and is patiently guiding me through the practice of Qigong. Elizabeth has cared for me through bouts of laryngitis, stress, hot flashes, anxiety, fatigue. . . she covers it all, big and small. Truly, I have never met anyone as caring, giving and knowledgeable.”

- C.Q.


“I met Elizabeth Medaglia approximately six years ago because our daughters were in the same preschool class. I began having some sleep issues where I couldn’t remain asleep, and when I spoke with Elizabeth she recommended essential oils to me. I had never heard of essential oils, and she explained in great detail their uses and functions. She has been available at any time to answer questions, whether through text, email or in person. Through Elizabeth, I began using frankincense oil and lavender, which helped me sleep more regularly and soundly. I have begun to use other oils to help with minor discomforts. Breathe oil has been invaluable to me. She also introduced me to Pangu Shengong. This also helped me sleep better. I cannot speak highly enough of Elizabeth; she is caring, kind, and extremely compassionate. She takes as much time as you need and she listens attentively. Elizabeth is incredible!” 

- L.M.

New Jersey

“I met Elizabeth during a difficult time in my life; my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer with a bleak future. I felt helpless. She had left samples of some doTERRA essential oils 

at a spa I worked at, and I decided to reach out to talk about essential oils for stress relief and healing. Little did I know I would receive so much more. She introduced me to Pangu and its healing energies and sent distance healing for my father. What started as a way for me to help my father ended with a spiritual journey for myself. I was able to use Pangu as a way to cope with my father’s illness. Presently, I continue to use Pangu as a form of meditation, healing, and to cope with the anxiety of today’s current climate. Elizabeth is a soothing, spiritual, knowledgeable, and trustworthy guide in a world of uncertainty.”

- M.C.


“Elizabeth Medaglia is an amazing healer and teacher. I began receiving acupuncture and energy healing from her in 2004, and have continued throughout the years with wonderful results. Elizabeth is a seasoned and powerful Pangu Shengong practitioner and instructor. I learned various levels of Pangu Shengong training from her, and returned over the years for refresher classes. Elizabeth is the real deal, and can blast healing energy out to you like a Master! I highly recommend her services.” 

- J.J., M.A. Counseling Psychology, Professional Astrologer, Psychic, Healer, and Yogi


“I can’t say enough about any exchanges I have ever had with Elizabeth. Her ever positive, strong, healthy, generous, healing energy can be felt immediately, and I have benefited from it several times personally. You will feel better by simply being in her presence! She is a multi-talented, beautiful soul who has so much to offer anyone who reaches out to her for healing, acupuncture, essential oil therapies, etc.”

- T.A.


“I was diagnosed with COVID-19 March 2020 - 2 ER visits later, IV fluids, 2 antibiotics for super imposed infection, and antiviral medication. My whole body was weak. My left ankle was swollen. My doctors said I was on the mend. But I felt 30 years older than my stated age and moved at the same rate. I was ready to get better, but Western medicine had nothing left to offer me but time. I reached out to Elizabeth. To this day, I do not truly understand what she did, but she made me better. She fixed what others could not. She offered help, when others offered time and rest. And for this, I am forever grateful.”

- B.P., MD


“No words could accurately describe just how amazing Elizabeth is. I have been fortunate enough to know her for over 15 years. She has cured/helped so many ailments. . . from severe back pain and anxiety (and a myriad of other issues) with acupuncture, to knowing exactly what kind of oil to use for an issue, to teaching me qi gong and for incredibly effective and powerful distance healings. I am so grateful to have her in my life. . . . I’d be lost without her.”

- T.S.


“Elizabeth is the most amazing, selfless, and effective healer I have come across. She is very attuned to her clients, and I have witnessed her healing powers first hand. She has worked on me and my dog with great success! She offers in-person and remote healings, and I have found that both work equally well. I think of Elizabeth as my guardian angel of sorts and I am lucky to have her in my corner. Thank you, Elizabeth!”

- S.C.


“It has been my delight to know and work with Elizabeth for several years now. She first introduced me to essential oils when I broke my wrist a few years ago, and I have loved her and her work ever since. It has made such a difference in my life. I use the oils regularly and drink the Wayback Water. Because of her work, I began yoga and meditation. . . all life-changing. She helped me to realize that it is important to take time for ourselves and to replenish. Love her!”

- M.M.


“Elizabeth is a beautifully talented healer, teacher, and intuitive. She is committed to helping her clients heal on all levels and possesses a wide breadth of knowledge. I highly recommend her services.”

- C.B., RMT


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth over the last several years. I started seeing her for acupuncture, for many different things. Was totally amazed at how in tuned I was to it, and how it really helped. I’ve also done qigong classes with her. And just did some distance healing with her. I was going through a real tough time with headaches and different effects from a tick bite. And was totally amazed when she started working with me virtual. We were texting when we were doing the session, and the questions that she was asking she was feeling everything that I was going through. I was just so shocked at how it could work. Call me crazy, but I could actually feel her with me as she was doing it. I’ve also had the pleasure of using her essential inhaling oils as well. Elizabeth is very in tune with her clients, has a loving caring heart, and always goes the extra step. She always reaches out after sessions to make sure you’re doing well. She is the first person that I would reach out to if I needed any kind of healing. She gets right back to you in a timely manner which is awesome in this world we live in today. I would highly recommend you to give Elizabeth a call for any services that she offers.”

- V.W.


“I met Elizabeth by happenstance at a social event the Spring of 2018, and explained a medical condition I was experiencing. Almost immediately, she responded by saying, ‘your pain is here, but what’s really going on is in this area.’ (I was actually suffering from a swollen prostate that I ultimately elected to get surgery for, and Elizabeth was very supportive of that option). So I was impressed enough (and I am a skeptical person by nature) to try and schedule an in-person session. Unfortunately, Elizabeth was fully booked for many days, but suggested we could do a remote session at about 10 pm the following night. OK, call me REALLY skeptical, but I was in enough pain and I thought, ‘what do I have to lose?‘ So I said yes, and the next evening, around 7:00 pm while we were having guests over for dinner, I distinctly remember I was walking across the kitchen and I felt this unusual thing happen, a change in my energy, which I couldn’t put my finger on. But I said to my wife, ‘Elizabeth said she was going to do her remote thing at 10 tonight, but I’d swear she’s doing something right now.’ The next morning, I got an email to the effect of ‘Hi, I had free time around 7, so I decided to work on you then.’ After that, I had multiple sessions, and while I eventually elected for surgery, I have no doubt that: a) Elizabeth was ‘dialed into my energy’ and b) it was beneficial in treating my condition.”

- P.K-D.


"Id like to thank you and bless you for your healing help with my partner, Dana. I reached out to you, almost in passing, hoping but not expecting your healing vibes. I never told you what kind of healing he needed (broken bone? Bad heart? Diabetes?), but you sank into his receptive soul and told me his upper respiratory infection was not covid 19, and 24 hours later (after sleeping for 96) he was fit as a fiddle and working in the yard. Doc put him on 2 week quarantine, and he will be back to being a roofer/ metal worker foreman in 3 days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- S.H.


"My experience with Qigong when I took the class with Elizabeth was amazing. She's a great teacher. I love the fact that she gives books so I can have them for reference and am able to reach out to her if I have questions."

- B.O.


“Elizabeth has been doing remote healing for me and my loved ones for nearly five years. She was able to completely resolve a chronic migraine, identify several areas of inflammation in my body that has been useful to be aware of, support loved ones in their passing, and bring incredible peace to me during some really challenging times. I wasn’t sure how remote healing would work when I first met Elizabeth, but now that I’ve experienced it there’s no doubt that it works. She is a truly wonderful person with an incredible ability.” 

- S.A.


“Elizabeth is a loving and powerful healer. I have enjoyed sessions with her, as I gained greater energy and optimism from each one. She is a wonderful Spiritual Teacher and Healer and is so devoted to helping others. Thank you Elizabeth, for all you are and all you do. Blessings.”

- Rev. C.B.


“Elizabeth is a skilled provider with years of experience. I have worked with Elizabeth on Distance Healings for my daughter which proved to be very successful. I also learned the value of Essential Oils from Elizabeth and continue to use them today, years later. I have always enjoyed working with Elizabeth as she is a careful listener and an incredibly compassionate human.”

- L.H., RN


“Elizabeth is an amazing healer. Her Acupuncture work was the only thing that was able to help my back. Even years later I am still feeling the helpful effects. She is a dedicated teacher, healer, and friend.”

- J.H.

South Carolina 

“Elizabeth has done it again! She found another remarkable way to heal people. I started the Infoceutical energized water about a month ago and I saw astonishing results in this short time period. I am three months postpartum and have struggled with a lot of health issues during and after pregnancy. I had hyperemesis throughout the whole nine months, and my digestive tract was a disaster. It took a huge toll on my stomach to be sick every day for the nine months. Shortly after taking these energized waters I started feeling more like myself and was able to eat a variety of foods without getting pains or still feeling the dreaded nausea. My mood was all over the place being postpartum. I have to say this was the first issue I saw greatly change instantly. I was so sleep deprived, and my emotions were running very high. I would be extremely irritable and not want to speak to anyone. It was a complete 180. I was able to have loving conversations with my husband as well as other close family members without having mood swings. Another “lovely issue” I had while pregnant that wouldn’t go away postpartum was horrible acne all over my body. I tried everything to get rid of it. It was extremely painful to boot. Maybe after two weeks of taking these energy waters I started seeing the inflammation go down, and now that I’ve been on them for a little over a month I’m so thrilled to say it’s almost cleared up! So I 100 percent stand behind this form of healing!! 

- B.P.


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